archive of destruction
The archive of destruction is a nomadic structure dedicated to
the collection of documents on actions and ideas that represent
a negation of its basic function, the preservation of memory.
The archive of destruction had its first public presentation
in 2007, and has been developing ever since in an organic, open,
and continuous process, with sporadic materializations and
ephemeral manifestations having taken place in both digital
form and in diverse physical locations across Europe and Asia.

website under development
in the meantime, please refer to
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pre-concert talk with Björn Schmelzer
Rolling Stone — Antoine Brumel’s
Earthquake Mass in Times of Disaster
16 May 2023
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon
Notes Towards a Volcanic Impulse / 
Notas Para Um Impulso Vulcânico
18 February 2022
book presentation at
Livraria Tigre de Papel, Lisbon
archive of destruction: department of CIS
18 June - 30 September 2020